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Re: getting past login

Jeez, Flash: to paraphrase (and correct): Kari:

"Harry answered that a week ago."

On March 5, I wrote:

1. Put the attached file HUMAN.LOG into the directory you want Xy III+ to reside in (e.g., make a directory called Xy3).
2. Put the attached file STARTUP2.INT into that directory.
3. Download 358-b.zip from:
http://www.xywrite.com/ttg/misc/misc.htm; eudora="autourl">http://www.xywrite.com/ttg/misc/misc.htm
4. Put the zip file into the same directory and unzip it, to produce 358-b.exe.
5. Rename (in DOS or via Explorer) 358-b.exe as: editor.exe (this is an optional step).
6. In DOS, type editor.exe (or 358-b.exe if you didn't rename it).

The Human.Log file has only 4 bytes: three for a BC function, and a 1A for end of file. I guess this serves as a kind null log-in ID. The startup2.int file has just one line:

I got this from the Xywwweb site.


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