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Re: Tame: I spoke too soon

Patricia wrote:
Harry Binswanger wrote:
I need to pass to DOS the values of some variables, such as filenames. I suppose there might be some way to do that--such as have Xy write them into the .BAT files I'm using. Then run the .BAT files "by hand" from a concurrent DOS prompt.
Sure, that's how I convert from Xy to WordPerfect. Call a file
containing the code for the batch file, with markers for the
variables, then do CI to embed the real variables. Then minimize
Xy and double click the desktop icon to the batch file (now newly
Yeah, and I do that a little too. So then I go and write the XPL to do that
and, when I'm done, find that the problems with Tame 6.0rc3 go much deeper
than that. Even w/o shelling to DOS, it loses the ability to respond to the
Ctrl and the Alt keys!

Harry Binswanger