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Re: TAMEd XY4: Right fonts, wrong place

I have to admit that I'm using Word now to finish the writing of my book. It is still a royal pain, but I like the onscreen look. I tried NB 8, but still found it susceptible to crashes and there was the problem of not being able to use the alt keys as I'd like to.
Just got a notice from them of the pre-release of NB 9. Looks like the only
upgrade is in features I haven't been using. I.e., improvements to ibidem
and orbis.
Also, are you using the ability to show bold, italics, underline, etc. as they are (i.e., in actual bold, actual italics, etc.)?
No, Harry. I didn't fully set up TAME for colors and underlining etc.,
just used XY's native screen conventions. Truth is, I have not gone under
the TAME hood in a long time. I've been using NB for a while now because
it's a lot less trouble to move back and forth with RTF for student work.
Also it took a lot of time to translate my most recent book from XY to
Word; my fault because I'd never really learned Word formatting
conventions. A while back Robert suggested that NB was the future of XY,
and now I agree. They're working on a 32-bit version so the program can
run on W7-64. Also Robert's NB on a stick made it easy to work on any WIN
machine anywhere. I still have the toes of one foot in the XY pond, but
I'm getting deeper and deeper into the other program.

Michael Norman

Harry Binswanger