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Re: Header in new U2

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Mon, 14 Nov 2016
20:41:51 -0500


> I see that the initial ≪LA437≫ got inside the ;U2; at the top of
> the file. It shows as:
> ;U2≪LA437≫;
>  instead of
> ;U2;≪LA437≫

This is valid Help-file syntax, and intentional. It ensures that Editor
applies CP 437 when loading the U2 frame index into memory. In practice
it may never make a difference, but in principle, it's important. Where
it does make a real difference is with certain printer files, e.g.,
POSTGHST.PRN or POSTGHST.PR4. They won't load unless 850 is the default
LAnguage or ;PR; is specified as the file ID. By analogy, LA 437
is U2's native code page.

Carl Distefano