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Re: 64 or 32 bit Win 7

--- On Wed, 5/12/10, Robert Holmgren  wrote:
> > VMware, which is not free software
> Actually there are two free versions, which can both create
> VMs: VMware Player3 and VMware Server.  And I'd evaluate
> them, too -- > I'd endeavor to evaluate every possibility. 

Not much recent mention of Virtualbox. I did see a very nice
demo of it a couple years back, but the last I heard they
seemed to be halting development. Is this option now out of
the running ? (It was also free.)

> Life without Photoshop would be no life at all.

So, I guess GIMP was never really a serious alternative ?

I have to say upfront that I've had really minimal exposure to
'Nix apps -- Rafe or someone else should comment there -- but
in what little I've seen there seems to be a lot more work
involved in setting them up, and the UI for them tends to be
rather lacking in Win or Mac terms. While it would be great if
free 'Nix apps could give their Win counterparts a serious run
for the money, it hasn't really happened yet and I'm doubtful
it ever will. And only a portion of that is due to market
share and marketing.