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Re: KMD vs. Cmd Command Processor (inside XP)

** Reply to message from J R FOX  on Fri, 30 Dec 2005
14:52:54 -0800 (PST)

> I'm appalled
> at all the crappy, ticky-tacky changes they've made to
> the UI, which strike me as a massive effort to *dumb
> down* the whole thing for the clueless masses.

I'll buy that! Win2K was a professional OS, for NT users. XP is the successor
to 9x when it was phased out; it's a hybrid (note that you have Pro and Home
versions, i.e. dumb and really dumb); there is no assumption of prior NT
experience. 2K is much more no-nonsense. It does not feel the least bit
out-of-date to me.

You can ameliorate all the irritations slightly by using the "Classic" GUI
interface (Start ==> Settings) -- it feels more straightforward. Details views
in all Folders, etc etc etc. You can easily make XP much more informative

For the rest, I think you need to do some poking around. There most certainly
is a DOS command history, adjustable in Properties IIRC. "C:\Program Files"
requires quotes due to the space.

Robert Holmgren