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Re: AW: EOF characters in XyWrite files

At 04:07 AM 10/18/2006, flash@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Thanks Dale. That clears up a few mysteries for me, too. I once had a corrupted Xy file, though xy had not corrupted it. Xy was truncating the file somewhere in the middle, though notepad showed the rest of the file. I recall finding an OEF marker in the middle of the file, in notepad of course, and moving it to where it belonged. After that Xy displayed the whole file again. I remember being puzzled that Xy hadn't deleted all the text after the EOF marker, but just hadn't displayed it. Now it makes sense; Xy was apparently trying to treat all the text after the EOF marker as meta-data.
Ah, of course. That's why XY stopped printing at xxx instead of going
all the way to zzz. Just thinking this through a bit, all my files
are chapters I'm constantly writing through. They also contain a lot
of material that has been pasted from various programs. Makes sense
now that such files would be candidates for misplaced EOF markers.
All I have to do is read them quickly in NoteTab to clean them up.
Thanks, Flash.
Michael Norman