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RE: Anyone else needing this U2 updater?


I guess we'd have to talk this through, rather than email, for me
to get it straight. Because, first, in what context are we talking
about "editing" the U2? I edit the loaded U2 all the time. I even
have ^s, my normal "Save" key run a routine to use LH rather than
SA if the onscreen file = VA$U2. So, every week (or more often)
I'm Calling whatever file VA$U2 has, editing it and LH-ing it. So
it can't be that that you're talking about.

Second, I don't want to load a Dummy file (unless it's in the
midst of a program execution) because I can't function without $X
(which, in my version is $H) on the Enter key.

Third, I don't see a lot of difference between switching around
the files the way you recommend and what my frame does by using
NEW.U2, OLD.U2, and MyFrames.U2. (OLD.U2 is just a safety
measure--a backup of the unchanged working U2.)

But I do like your suggestion of naming the hybrid file something
different from XYWWWEB.U2, and I guess I could dispense with
making a new directory (NEWU2DIR). My motive was to make
everything as clear to myself as I possibly could, which means
sacrificing code-brevity.

Going to U1 would require changing hundreds of existing programs.
I suppose that that could be automated via a ci/fn /[ascii11]JM
2./[ascii11]JM 1./ across all the files. But why fix it if it
ain't broke?

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> U1? Who knew?

In Xy4 you can load up to four separate user customization files
-- U1 through U4. (XyWin went up to U9, I think.) Robert and I
chose U2 for U2, because "you, too".

> Could you please explain what this means:
> It's the arrows that particularly throw me, plus not knowing
what the
> three different filenames designate.

OK. You can't edit a loaded U2 file, right? So you "unload" your
current U2 by loading a different U2 file in its place -- a
minimal DUMMY.U2, consisting of the following three lines (not
including the dotted lines):



Then you edit your normal U2 file (can do, because it's no longer
loaded), SAve it, and reload. In steps:

edit HB.U2

I was arguing for an additional step. Instead of editing HB.U2,
you edit a *copy* of HB.U2 -- call it HBEDIT.U2. HBEDIT.U2 itself
never gets loaded; instead, you COPY/NV it to HB.U2, then reload
HB.U2. So the three steps above become four:

edit HBEDIT.U2

Here's a frame, LHorSA, that automates it (reversing the first two
steps). It's a variant of LOADHELP designed specifically to work
with an editable *copy* of U2. If your editable copy of U2 is in
the current window, it SAves it and loads it over your current U2;
otherwise, it just SAves whatever file is in the current window
and backs off.

b-gin [UNTITLED]
{123}{123}5LHorSA{125}{125} SAve and Load **COPY** of editable
 U2 {091}CLD{093}{013}|      Editable U2 must be in curre
nt window; otherwise,{013}|      LHorSA simply SAves the{032}
current file and EXits ([255+065+069]EX1[255+065+070])[cr|lf]{002}
EX{>}{<}EI{>}[BX_]es 1[Q2_][DX_];*;[cr|lf]{<}SX01,{<}VA$FP{>}{>}
02{>}{>};*;[cr|lf]{<}SV01,Editable U2 *is* the LOADed U2 -- us e
{043}"{125}[cr|lf]"{>}[BX_]sa %03,{<}PV50{>}[Q2_]{<}IF{<}ER{>}
{<}EI{>}[BX_]wait[Q2_][BX_]load {<}PV50{>}[Q2_]{<}IF{<}ER{>}{>}
{<}GLa{>}{<}EI{>}[BX_]wait[Q2_];*;[cr|lf][BX_]copy/nv {<}PV01{>}
;*;[cr|lf][BX_][Q2_][BX_]load {<}PV02{>}[Q2_]{<}IF{<}VA$ER{>}<
rnv {<}PV50{>}[Q2_][GT_]{<}SX01,"Current U2="{043}{<}IS02{>}{>}
{<}PR@01{>}{<}EX{>}{<}EI{>}{<}PRNo file{>}{002}[cr|lf][cr|lf] -nd

> The reason for all the separate locations and filenames is to
> stepping on my own toes

You'll minimize the chances of stepping on your own toes by
editing a copy of U2 instead of U2 itself.

HTH -- and HNY.

Carl Distefano