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VAriables on the command line.

Regarding keyboard assignments and VAriables, TYping to File and giving the destination file a name by using a key assignment like this:


results in the file creation d:/'va$fi'.ps. In other words, literal string replacement for the filename rather than what I wanted, which was the current XyWrite window's filename with .ps appended. The same result obtains when I manually enter the TYpe to File command on the command line. I suggest that I am either making a mistake with the keyboard assignment or command line entry, or that the command line will not parse the VAriable assignments, even when set off by quotes (I also tried guillemets). Or, the inevitable third thing that I'm not even thinking of. It should be said that the "funny-named" file does contain the PostScript content that I need, having been TYF'd through POSTGHST.PRN.

All the best to everyone,

Fred Weiner