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Re: 12000 lines?

" ** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Sat, 14 Nov 1998 20:14:23 -0800 (PST)
" If what you're trying to do is force Page-Line mode to indicate a large number
" of lines (all on a single page), you bump into an absolute limit of lines/page --
" somehow the number 273 sticks in my head from experiments performed some years
" ago. Anyway, the number is in that vicinity. You can't go any higher.
" Are you talking about dynamic text, which changes as you edit it? Or fixed text,
" unchanging, with a need to reference absolute line numbers?
" -----------
" Robert Holmgren
" holmgren@xxxxxxxx
" -----------
	Yes, even the "blank" lines are numbered.

	I tried DeStefano's XYWWeb.u2 solution
	but it doesn't seem to invoke the right parts.

	I haven't used XY4 for four years.

	The instructions for the help key needed a few commas
	to work
	and still didn't call up the xywweb.u2 set of programs
	if I understand it was to do.

	I've gone to Boxer/os2 for the first edit and then call
	Xy3 later.

	Thanks for the information.

				Daniel Say