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:   If you really wanted to take out all the fun,

Oh! Why didn't you *say* so.  If you're just looking for an
xpl challenge, why not one that's related but not easily solved
by alternative means--how about an xpl algorithm to get
XTags->ascii  ...  pairs to {mdbo} ...
{mdnm} (etc.)? (At the moment, I don't have time to play.)

:   [instead of 

] you could also use <$> which returns : to the default font of the paragraph's style sheet. Not necessarily what's intended. The paragraph style could be ital. {mdmn} is specific and so is

. : : [ascii 200]=<\#147> : : [ascii 188]=<\#148> : Why bother? Quark's ability to handle single : & double quotes on its own is very good. But not perfect--as Leslie pointed out with his sample LB: the captain said --"abandon ship!" LB: [ ... ] will probably get --''abandon ship!'' Using specifics in xyW guarantees the correct QXP char. --annie ========================== annie fisher nyc