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Re: Encode/decode

Yes. QPD does decode correctly, in both Parallels and VPC seamless XP mode.
OK, good; that's a clue. Now, in frame ENCODE, disable all readability
aids. (This is a setting that affects the "human-readability" of
ENCODE's coded output.) Note that this setting is not in XYWWWEB.REG,
but in frame ENCODE itself. SEarch for the first (and only) instance
of "SV02" in the frame; set the value of S/G 02 to 7, like this:

;*; <==Set Readability Defaults here, range=0-7
Do NOT SAve U2; rather, with U2 still displayed in the current window, issue LOADHELP to reload U2.

Try again to ENCODE and DECODE your test string. Does it decode correctly now?

Carl Distefano