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KMD vs. Cmd Command Processor (inside XP)

I expect there's a good chance this is covered in past
posts, and may be uncovered via XySearch, but . . .

I'm hoping Robert wrote up some sort of detailed
comparison list, as I'd like to refer to it now. I am
setting up Xy3 & Xy4 on a relative's new T-43 laptop,
which is due to replace an older T-40. Both laptops
are running XP. As a sometimes W2K user, I'm appalled
at all the crappy, ticky-tacky changes they've made to
the UI, which strike me as a massive effort to *dumb
down* the whole thing for the clueless masses.

Early-discovered examples, so far: Windoze Explorer --
I thought it had gone AWOL, until I found it hidden in
My Documents (huh ?), and much less convenient to use
in its new incarnation.

The brain dead Command Processor in the Dosbox cannot
handle Path designations like C:\Program Files, but
instead returns an error ! Nor is there any command
stack for recalling prior commands. I could swear
neither of these was the case in earlier-release XP on
the T-40, but I'll need to run the laptops side by
side to confirm it.

The new UI of XP in toto is just clumsy, obtuse, in
the way. Yeccch ! Maybe someone coming straight from
W95 would feel different, but I'd say even that is

I realize that at this point XP is 6+ years old, but
I'm just finding this out now. I'm hoping with faint
hope that there might be some switch I can throw to
just have XP present the W2K UI, as it was.