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RE: Laptop Keyboard solution.

It's not a laptop, but I am unable to run XyWin on my Dell Optiplex GX280 tower.  (XyDOS is not a problem, however.)
Off-topic, being stuck with MSOutlook 2003 in my office, I find that when replying to posts sent originally in html, Outlook forces me to send also in html rather than plain text.  Is there a fix for this "feature" that anyone has found?


Paul Ambos
Paul Ambos, P.C.

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There seems to be UNIVERSAL distain for Dell. IT people in particular
usually to hate Dell, always citing their service arrangements are a

And, from a Xy perspective, wasn't there at least one Dell model that had more than usual cursor problems with XP? I'm also in the market for a laptop--a "desktop replacement" one (I can't abide any longer the problems of synchronizing laptop and desktop for travel). I have no animus against Dell--I'm typing this on a Dell Latitude, vintage 2000, which I bought reconditioned by Dell in January 2002. It's held up very well. But I'm worried about this issue.

Harry Binswanger