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Re: New XyWrite release

>Well, yes too. I have no use for a Windows product, being happy
with  >XyDos. After all I write, I don't publish. But an OS/2
product would  >remove the last dos program from my machine. On
the other hand, we are  >wasting our breath (our bits); we've
been told "no" any number of times.  >Even with a oem xyos2 out
there, we were told no. Why would we think it  >would change
  Sorry about that last post -- some girl started an on-line
chat with me in the middle of it, and things got messy.
  Anyway -- I tend to agree with David -- but it would be nice.
Actually, with all the developments in porting code these days, I
don't know why it would be that difficult. Willows is doing a
bang up job porting windoz api's and Ive' read of others also.
Developing an application for a single OS seems like a very
shortsighted thing to do. Especially considering that the market
in OS's seems to be fragmenting, rather than consolidating around
one or two standards. The big rage on the PowerPC newsgroup right now is the
BEBox and BEOS -- a totally new OS for a multiprocessor PPC
computer that will be marketed cheaper than the PowerMACS -- just for starters.
  Some companies have figured out how to port their apps to
other platforms quite readily -- why not TTG? OpenDoc is one
solution, but there are others.
I don't really see win95 as eating up that great of a market
share, once people understand that there are better things --
even NT is going to steal a cut of the win95 market, so TTG needs
to figure out how to address all those platforms here and future,
I would think. Or maybe they'll just let the younger, faster
companies take that market.

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