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Re: XyWWWeb.U2 version 118 released (6 November 2005)

--- Robert Holmgren  wrote:

> a new
> version of CLIP.EXE for Xy4, which is required to
> use CLIP with v118:
> http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/CLIPW32.ZIP ).

I look forward to giving this a try. As I've told you
and Carl on a number of past occasions, I have _never_
succeeded in getting CLIP to work for me, despite
following all the instructions to the letter as best I
can. What happens here is that the routine takes a a
very long coffee break and never comes back with
anything from the clipboard. Clearly, I must have
been missing something. (Haven't tried again in quite
some time. The attempts have been mostly on the OS/2
side, since I spend so much more time there. I'm
guessing that getting it to work on the Win side will
prove easier.)