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what about nota bene+link to RH videos

At 11:02 PM 1/1/2009, Andy Turnbull wrote:
can I write my own keyboard -- like I do with xywrite? Mine is so different I can hardly run xywrite without loading it.
You can use your XyWrite keyboard. Depending on your customizations, a couple of things might not work perfectly in NotaBene -- linear up and down, for example, which I had to eliminate -- but I'm guessing that 95 percent or more will be fine. Before you do that, however, I'd advise getting to know NB's various functions so you can decide which you like and might want to keep, or, to put the proposition in reverse, which NB operations are you not taking advantage of because you did not explore them first. Again, all of this is in Robert's video. Only thing I decided against was disabling, as he did, NB's bibliography component and its freeform database component, just in case I wanted to use them later. (Topic for another thread.) When XySearch is back, look for Robert's 2/21/04 post on this or... ...watch his videos, which, to quote his subsequent post, "rips (shreds?) 40 minutes out of your life": http://xywrite.org//XyWWWebHelp/XyWrite_for_Windows_(NBWin).htm (For the software requirements and suggestions for viewing, see http://xywrite.org/msg01482.htm ) Michael Norman