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Calling a file as an argument to Editor.exe--Fixed

I works fine now that I've taken out this line from STARTUP.INT:
[SW ] f
which I used in order to get the right size window for my 43 x 132 display.
I substituted Window 1,0,0,132,43 and it works fine!
Do you, Carl, have an [SW ] function in your startup.int? Or maybe some other similar function?
It used to be that this would open XyWrite with foo.bar called:

c:\Xy\Editor.exe foo.bar

But for years (since Xy4?) that hasn't worked on my system,

It's not just you, Harry. Same issue here, under vDosPlus and CMD.EXE
(32-bit Win 7). It looks like some unexpected interference from
commands in STARTUP.INT. You can verify this by reducing your
STARTUP.INT to a single  command: foo.bar will be CAlled, but of
course none of your customization will be there, and you may
experience flakiness if you try to manually RUN STARTUP.INT with
foo.bar open. Your workaround sounds as good as any -- unless you can
reduce when you want to CAll foo.bar to one or more Boolean
conditions, in which case you could have the following as your last
command in STARTUP.INT:
BX ca foo.barQ2 

Carl Distefano