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Re: Labels

Date sent:      	Wed, 22 Mar 2000 14:48:38 -0800
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From:           	"Richard A. Sherer" 
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Subject:        	Re: Labels

My installation diskettes contain only
fax,  letter, memo, report  .tpl files.

I'  ll be glad if some friend of the list could email me other 

Andrea Chiozzi

> XyWin came with set of templates for labels, and I presume they were part
> of the XyDos package as well. The installation program put them in the DOCS
> directory. Look for names like 2uplabl.tpl, 3uplabl.tpl, Avery60.tpl,
> Avery97.tpl, etc.
> Richard A. Sherer
> At 11:07 PM 03/22/00 +0100, Andrea Chiozzi wrote:
> >I need a simple way for formatting and printing labels
> >with xyDOS 4.018