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Re: 14 May vDos-lfn build

Hi James,

I am glad that the new approach to move the window works for you. As for the Ctrl+Alt+? shortcuts, the fact you are using Windows 7 means the problem that Ctrl+Alt+? shortcuts don't work in fullscreen mode of vDos only occurs in certain machines or setup, but not the others. So the option "SHORTCUT=ON" is only for those machines or setup having this problem. There is no need to set "SHORTCUT=ON" if you don't encounter this problem on your system.


On Saturday, May 14, 2016 4:33 PM, James Woolley wrote:

Hi Wengier,

Thanks for that new approach to moving the window with the mouse,
which should do the trick. As for the ctrl-alt shortcuts, I should
have mentioned that I'm using Windows 7.