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Re: KMD vs. Cmd Command Processor (inside XP)

--- Robert Holmgren  wrote:

> You can ameliorate all the irritations slightly by
> using the "Classic" GUI
> interface (Start ==> Settings) -- it feels more
> straightforward. Details views
> in all Folders, etc etc etc. You can easily make XP
> much more informative

Thanks, Robert, but there is no "Settings" (out of the
box) in XP. I think you meant:
Control Panel ==> Taskbar & Start Menu ==> Classic
Start Menu. That seems to have started to address the
issue. I'll have to see what other GUI aspects can be
"backlevelled" to W2K-like features.

> For the rest, I think you need to do some poking
> around. There most certainly
> is a DOS command history, adjustable in Properties
> IIRC. "C:\Program Files"
> requires quotes due to the space.

Carl was probably right -- I must have tripped
Control.Com rather than the Exe. I'll confirm that