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Re: Problem with from102cr in U2

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Thu, 24 Dec
2009 21:37:59 -0500

> Carl's SE/F plus RC seems perfect.

A portly man in a red suit whispered to me that something was
missing. I realized that the Ascii-10, if any, at EOF was simply
deleted (func RC), not replaced with CrLf! Here's the correction:

b-gin [UNTITLED]
{{;5from102cr}} Regularize 10 to 13+10 , fro
m  to EOF (RJH 2/4/99 CLD rev.12/25/09)[cr|lf]{002}[BX_]
es 1[Q2_]{<}SU01,{>}{<}IF{<}VA$DT{>}>0&{<}VA$DT{>}<>8{>}[TG_]
{<}SU01,[TG_]{>}{<}EI{>}[BX_]ci [w10] [wC][Q2_]{<}SX02,{<}VA
$WC{>}{>}{<}SX50,{<}CP{>}{>}[BX_]se/f [w10][Q2_]{<}IF@not({<
uMP[Q2_]{<}EI{>}{<}GT01{>}{<}SX02,{<}IS02{>}+" changes"{>}{<}

By the way, it's tempting to try to solve the problem by
substituting a real 1-byte Ascii-10 for the line-feed wildcard in
the CHange command; in pseudo-code, BX ci /{10}/[wC]/Q2 instead of
BX ci /[w10]/[wC]/Q2 . This changes all instances of Ascii-10,
including one at EOF. The problem, however, is that it also changes
Ascii-10's embedded in CrLfs, so that CrLf becomes Cr+CrLf. No good.

So, ho-ho, I'll stick with the workaround above until something
better comes along.

Carl Distefano