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Here's one that's always puzzled me: We use XyWrite both on the network and on stand-alone PCs. Each has from time to time developed the tendancy to freeze
the PC when invoking the spell checker. In the latest case, unfortunately on my own PC, on Friday I
am able to spellcheck just fine, but on Monday my system freezes up when I try to spellcheck.
Sometimes it'll attempt to spellcheck, but stops at every word, whether it's spelled correctly or
not. When I spellcheck a single word, I'm guaranteed to immediately freeze the system. This is on a
pc that loads network XyWrite. We've also had several instances where stand-alones have done the
same thing. I discovered today that I could spellcheck just fine on the network as long as I switch
to the subdirectory that contains DICT.spl. If I'm not in that SD, I freeze. The last SD in my path
is the SD with Dict.spl in it. This isn't happening to everyone on the net, or everyone with a
stand-alone, but we're all using standard configurations. Any ideas? Rob Perschau