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Re: NotaBene acquisition of XyWin

On Wed, 29 Nov 95 11:23:00 PST, Doug Beeson wrote:

>Paul, where did you see this message? Did it sound credible?

The message appeared on the Humanist, a moderated discussion
list. It was extensive and detailed; on its face, the message appears credible.
I have written to the person who posted the message and requested
his permission to post it here.

To confirm the information that appeared in this posting, I called the
Nota Bene Corporation (212) 334-0445 and was told the following:

1. the company is developing a Windows 95 version of Nota Bene.
The program probably won't be ready for release until late 1996.

2. NB Corp. has purchased the rights to use XyWin code, but it
probably won't be used in the Windows 95 version of NB. Ownership
and support for XyWin remains with TTG.

3. NB Corporation is a separate entity from TTG. This should
clarify the mistaken impression of a TTG employee, who
apparently believes that TTG still owns NotaBene and administers
it from their NY office.