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Re: Google box (keeping notes)

 I sispect that others may be able to amplify this, but the advanced
 menu that Tim Baehr is speaking about, is a menu system that Tim
 Baehr created in the fist half of the '90s. It requires that one
 have access to a set of files called COMPACT.MNU, COMPACT.DLG and
 COMPACT.SET. There may be other files as well. I just don't recall
 from memory. COMPACT.MNU replaces XY4.MNU and COMPACT.DLG replaces
 XY4.DLG. There is also a file called COMPACT.KBD, but I seem to
 recall that you can ignore that file. Maybe I am wrong about this
 latter point.... Modifications to the STARTUP.INT file are also

 I've been using this menu system for quite some time. I rather like
 it because it makes available functions that are not part of the
 regular system. There is only one problem here, and it relates to
 the latest U2. I think I recall that one is advise in the instruc-
 tion that come with the latest U2 to replace the old XY4.DLG with a
 newer one. I don't think that one can do this is one is using Tim
 Baehr's enhansed menus. So you make have to stick with Baehr's
 COMPACT.DLG, which you perhaps should rename XY4.DLG. It all
 works flawlessly, ...as far as I can tell.

 I would not mind hearing a bit of discussion on this latter point.

 M.W. Poirier

 P.S.: By the way, I'm not to sure where one can obtain Tim Baehr's
 enhansed menu files. I don't recall seeing them on any of the sites.
 I think that I obtained them directly from the author.

On Sat, 22 Nov 2003 Brucefelk@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Tim writes
> >Under the Advanced menu, click Extract data.
> I assume this was in the addition you wrote in '92. In any case, I don't get
> an "Extract date" option on my Advanced menu. Would this be in the Xy archive?
> I assume it's a manipulation of "Sort." Sounds extremely useful. Can you
> elaborate? And thanks much.
> Bruce Felknor