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Re: search subdirectories


Unless I'm missing something here, Powerdesk doesn't give me
anything that windows explorer doesn't give me.

For instance, I want to find Dilmaghani in the directory NYT
and all NYT's subdirectories. The dialog box in Powerdesk is
the same as the dialog box in explorer, and both give me the
names of 23 files. In both Powerdesk and Explorer I then
have to open each and every one of those 23 files (in
Wordpad) and conduct an individual search for dilmaghani in
every one of them. When I'm working there is no time to
manually search 23 files whenever I need to double check a
name or an address or a phone number or a spelling or piece
of tech info or whether someone died so maybe I shouldn't
ask to speak to him.

I'm looking for something that will work for a directory and
all its subdirectories the way that xy4's
se *.*/string/ does for just directories--there, I just have
to hit c to switch from open file to open file until I see
what I need and then, if necessary, I can copy it right into
my current file.

So I'm back to the original question: does anything like
this exist? Or do I (please, no) have to disassemble the
subdirectories and put all the files back into one monster

thanks again
Judith Davidsen

Tom Robertson wrote:
> Judith et al.
> Check out PowerDesk at www.ontrack.com for a program that will
> search across folders.
> Tom Robertson
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> Subject: search subdirectories
> Is there anything in Xy4.018 or U2 that will allow me to
> search, with one command, every subdirectory of a directory
> for a string,and have it open the relevant file(s) and land
> right on the string?
> I'm not looking for something that will give me a list of
> files that I then have to open by hand--I can do that in
> windows explorer and it takes too much time.
> Thanks for any help
> Judith Davidsen