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Re: Query: Copying text into XyWrite from Word [Windows XP]

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Fri, 29 Apr
2005 16:53:33 -0400

> Maybe Carl or
> Robert could comment on the feasibility of a Xy3 user adapting
> the U2, or the CLIP routine alone, for use in Xy3.

CLIP *has* been adapted for Xy3! Download CLIPW32.ZIP, available at
XyWWWeb (http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/), and follow the instructions
in CLIPWXY3.TXT (in the ZIP file's XY3 subdirectory).

> I see that there are indeed BX-Q2 pairs in U2, and these (among
> a few other functions) wouldn't work in Xy III+.

BX-Q2, my foot. U2 is not a recognized Help-file type in Xy3. It
requires Xy4 or later.

You're forgetting, Harry, that Xy4 is a superset of Xy3. XPL
written in and for Xy3 runs as-is in Xy4. The converse, however, is
NOT true. Xy4 has a multitude of functions, commands, instructions,
Help-file types, etc., which did not exist prior to Signature|Xy4
and are alien to Xy3. Most U2 routines were conceived and written
for v4 or later and could only be adapted to Xy3 with great
difficulty, if at all, even by an expert. What's more, the
structured quality of U2 programming (parent frames calling children
calling grandchildren) makes adaptation impracticable even in cases
where it is theoretically possible. For the average user, it's not
a realistic option.

Happily, CLIP is an external program (written by Robert in
alternative VBS script and EXEcutable formats), so there was no need
to adapt it for Xy3. Only the XPL shell routine had to be

Carl Distefano