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Transparency in vDosPlus

Wengier continues to amaze. Today, I requested the ability to make the
vDosPlus screen transparent. Today, my wish was granted. Not only can
transparency be turned on and off, the degree of transparency can be fine-
tuned with granular precision. The new TRANSWIN option in config.txt takes
a value from 0 (no transparency, the default) to 90 (high transparency),
and anything in between. Wonderful for taking notes while viewing the
contents of another window.

Note that the new TRANSWIN option can be changed on the fly with the
SETCFG command. At the DOS prompt, command SETCFG TRANSWIN=n, where n is
any number from 0 to 90, inclusive. With the Jumbo U2, you can do this in
XyWrite 4 with SETCFG TRANSWIN=n.


Carl Distefano