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KVM switch...

Harry Binswanger wrote:
>Here's another solution: buy two machines, one XP one 98SE (or whatever)
>and network them. The price of the basic box is very low now. (OTOH,
>weren't there some issues about networking 98SE and XP machines)?
>You can even have one monitor and keyboard physically switchable between
>the two machines, I believe.

Yes. Robert Holmgren suggested this solution years ago. And I have done it, taking an old Win95
machine, adding a second large harddrive to it and turning the box into a Linux machine. I then put
that machine on my desk next to my primary computer, a Win98SE box, and added it to the home

Rather than have two keyboards, two mouses, and two monitors on my desk, I bought myself a KVM
switch (which stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse switch) on ebay for $15 and plugged it into both
desk computers. By pressing Scroll Lock twice, then Escape, I can instantly switch from the Win98 to
the Linux box and back again, using only one keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

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