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Re: Getting help from xysearch, Icons and short cuts and off topic on zyIndex.

Avrom, I downloaded zy.zip from Vetusware.com and put it on one of my web sites. Anybody who wants it can snatch it from http://www.loftpress.com/zy , where I will leave it for a few days. Hope it is what you're looking for.
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Subject: Getting help from xysearch, Icons and short cuts and off topic on zyIndex.

I tried to access xysearch and feel like I am suffering from dementia.  I had a memory that there had been discussion on starting xywrite from an icon.  I had a recollection that Robert had written clear instructions that worked beautifully.  I went to the web page http://www.freelists.org/archive/xywrite/ href="http://www.freelists.org/archive/xywrite/   I tried icon and shortcut but nothing turned up that was relevant to me..  I think the discussion occurred some years ago.  Is there anyway of accessing those older posts.  If not could Robert or Carl please post the diwcussions on icons and shortcuts again.  I am using windows xp home on one computer and windows xp pro on another.
On entering xywrite from my icon, I enter a window rather than full screen. I than "alt" enter to get a full screen and from my perspective it seems to work as well as when the world was in dos.  I have no problem reading the screen and the fonts on the screen seem fine.  The only thing is I always get a horizontal screen across the page which disappears when I alt W and than hit x key.  Since I have no problem with what I have, and I feel uncomfortable in windows, I am afraid to tinker and ruin what so far is working.
Also where will I find the conventions for listing key strokes and things like that. 
Off the topic I used to have program called zyindex which made a concordance of all the wordperfect and xywrite and other text files that were designated.  I could than do a boolen login search win zylab and would almost instantly find all the references in the files subject to the concordance.   I would love to find an old working copy of zyindex( my disks no longer work)  Would anyone know where I could find the old dos program or one that would work like it did.  I have no need for searching graphics, just wordperfect and  xywrite and text files.
Thanks for the help.