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Re: Technology Group Home Page -Reply

I checked this morning, 1/9/97. They have made some changes and
additions - clicking on "about us" gives a blurb about TTG. Clicking on
"technical support" gives a cutesy little page with a diskette waving and
a sign saying "under construction". So apparently they're working on it.

>>> Robert Holmgren  01/08/97 01:04pm
** Reply to note from Jimmy C Diecker  Tue, 7 Jan
1997 22:37:47 -0800 (PST)
> I seem to have copied the TG home page address wrong. I have
> 	http://www.tgrp.com/smartwor.htm
> I tried to go there several times today but got a "no such URL" each
> time. I'd appreciate a correction.
You got it right. It's still there, as of 1300 EST 1/8/97.

Robert Holmgren