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RE: A radical idea: a new XyWrite

Hmmm. Am I getting the message that the original scripting format put out by XyWrite is no longer relevant?


What about the internal file format? If memory serves, that had ‘special’ properties due to an extended number of bits for each character.


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The industry standard is most likely InDesign, but I do not know if it
makes any sense to try to support that program. (I personally use Xara
Designer for publishing and web design, an easy, affordable, and very
versatile program). It would have made more sense to support Ventura and
Quark back in the 1990's, but these are things of the past. There is
much open-source LaTeX code around, and integrating that into XyWrite
could be meaningful. Still, it is a very big effort.

Another point to concentrate on might be XML content editing which could
be formatted in various ways using open-source formatting code (e.g. The
Apache™ FOP Project, ). Relevant
ideas on content editing might be gathered from DocBook markup system,
too. These things may be of interest to the folks at NB.

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> PS and if the current layout program is not LaTex, then we should
> research what the industry standard is and make Xy conform to that