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Re: XyWrite & WordPro for OS/2

" Steve,
" I also would like to know of your experience with WordPro. I use Win95
" though (on my home machine), and don't know how comparable that version
" would be with the one for OS/2. I've been trying for months to decide
" what to do if indeed we're seeing the end of the road for XyWrite. If I
" do eventually have to switch to another program, the cleanliness, so to
" speak, of its ability to convert my years of XyWrite files to its format
" would be of primary importance.
" Regards, " " Jimmy C Diecker " Latin American Institute
" University of New Mexico-Albuquerque
	Why convert?

	Xy works in OS/2, it just can't see long file names
	but old habits die hard and you probably still use
	8+3 filenames.

	Fast, clean and we do wish it was a native? OS/2
	program, but it does work as does NotaBene.

	WordPro (ex AmiPro) still hasn't had the new release	
	for OS/2 yet and is very graphics.

	If you had the hardware for OS/2 then you could and
	probably would have both.

	However using XY with postscript clones creates an
	immortal wordprocessor, no matter what the screen
	output, or printer output.
	Get Goscript or Ghostscript, one of the XY Postscript
	drivers and experiment.

						Daniel Say