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Re: death to word


mswinpr2 default didn't work here. I notice that postghst.prn, which I assume I need (or do I? I don't use A4) requires CP 850. I changed DF LA to 850 from 437 in SETTINGS.DFL but va/nv $cp still shows 437, even after exiting and re-launching Xy. I vaguely recall that va/nv $cp is not accurate--is that correct? Do I need to SETP to something other than my HP 1040 laser printer.

gswin32c -? |more does list mswinpr2

and the stanza now says (via copy and paste):
GsPrnDev=mswinpr2 default

Thanks for your help.

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger Tue, 17 Apr
2012 22:16:59 -0400


> Looking a gift horse in the mouse, I find that when I try
> xy2pdf I get "SX command requires a number. ≪is99≫" My
> REGEDIT stanza is:

You haven't specified a printer driver in variable GsPrnDev. I have:

GsPrnDev=mswinpr2 default

This should work for you if your printer can print under Windows.
Command HELP GsPrnDev for more information.

"[Ghostscript]", by the way, is a dummy line, a header to make the
REG file more human-readable. Since it doesn't actually do anything,
the typo in your file was of no consequence.

Carl Distefano