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Happy New Year, Martin,
I just installed Notabene 7 and the flicker is apparently gone. Smooth all around, for the moment. Previous versions also had screen problems in Ibidem and Orbis, and I have not checked those modules yet, but the main program is flicker free -- again, for the moment. I have not tried to install the XyWrite Keyboard and effect other tweaks, so we'll see.
I have to send my T41 Thinkpad back for a replacement (IE6 was corrupted)
so I have not been able to test VPC (Microsoft's new version) out on it.
And VMware should be waiting in my office at the university. After the
break I should get to it.
If NB 7 is indeed a _new_ program -- why they lived with such a fundamental
problem for so long is a mystery -- then we may have a good WIN backup to
At the moment, as you can see from my inchoate posts, I'm trying to figure
out how, and whether, to partition the machines in this house.