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Re: search subdirectories


> A d:\path is inappropriate
> because SWEEP is designed to perform the specified operation in a
> pre-defined set of directories (current dir and all subdirs). So
> you only need a filemask, like this:
I had suspected this, so I experimented with it last night.

> SWEEP se *.*"search_term"

gave me a blank page (I'm working in an empty screen on
this), but when I tried to type *any* letter on the cml, I
got a message to "hit c to continue," so Alice-like I did
and got a directory of all the files the search term could
have been in. Had to keep hitting c to land on each one to
get rid of the directory. The result was replicable last
night, but this evening by following the hit c direction I
got directory after directory after directory of files,
99.9% of which could not possibly have contained the search
term. Again, I had to keep hitting c to land on each one
before I could get rid of the thing and start using the
computer again.

> SWEEP JM2.se[sv50,*.*"search_term"]Q2
Last night and this evening, I could see on the status line
that a furious search through a lot files was going on, but
the search found zilch. At the end, all I got was the word

I report all this in case it provides clues.

> (By "filemask" I mean a spec that includes the
> same wildcards used in DIR commands ("*" for any series of
> characters, and "?" for any single character, in the filename).
Thanks so much for this. I have a terrible time with the

Judith Davidsen