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XyWWWeb Update

If you haven't visited XyWWWWeb recently, stop by and check out
what's new, at


Among the recent additions:

  - An updated Telephone Dialer for Voice Calls, with built-in
   automatic ReDial and new DOS|OS/2 interoperability

  - A Proximity Search Tool that flags text containing one
   search term "near" another search term

  - A 4-Function Calculator for Arithmetic in Base 2-36 and
   base-to-base conversions

XyWWWeb (XyWrite Apps and Info on the WWW) offers hundreds of
apps that use XPL (XyWrite's amazing programming language) to
extend the power of the world's most configurable word-processor.
Though it is addressed primarily to users of XyWrite 4 for DOS
and XyWrite for MS-Windows, Nota Bene users may wish to bookmark
it in anticipation of the forthcoming Nota Bene for Windows,
reportedly scheduled for release in the first quarter of '98.
N.B. for Windows is said to be based on SmartWords (the successor
to XyWrite 4), and therefore may have the capability of running
4th-generation and later XPL, including our XyWWWeb routines.

Robert Holmgren         Carl Distefano
holmgren@xxxxxxxx        CLDistefano@xxxxxxxx