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PDF printing from the command-line again

This time I’ll get it right. A convenient way to print PDF files from the command-line (and therefore from vDos and anything derived from vDos) is the PDF-Xchange Viewer, which is now free for any purpose:

It can be a bit tricky to set up so that it automatically prints to correct page size for envelopes, A4, etc., and it easily loses its settings if you use it to do anything with a PDF file other than simply print from the command line. 

Unlike Adobe Reader or Acrobat, it doesn’t stay open after printing from the command-line. Unlike SumatraPDF (another program that prints from the command-line), it can print non-standard page sizes (envelopes, Legal, etc.) from the correct paper source in the printer.
So I’ve put together a “wrapper" around PDF-Xchange Viewer that always maintains the correct settings for command-line printing. You do not need to download the PDF-Xchange Viewer; it’s included in the wrapper itself. The wrapper program is described here (with a download link):

Of course this should be regarded as experimental, but it seems to work. I can’t guarantee whether it will work in all circumstances, but it may be worth a try. Or you could simply use the PDF-Xchange Viewer with the command-line syntax described in its manual.