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Re: New copy and paste function

** Reply to message from Paul Breeze  on Sat, 8 Nov
2003 16:48:11 GMT


>> Please try this. Open a DOS prompt in a Desktop window. Go
>> to Editor's directory (location of EDITOR and CLIP.VBS). Command:
>>  echo This is a test > CLIP.TXT
>> Then command:
>>  cscript //logo //D //X //I CLIP.VBS

> Yes, something interesting did happen. I obtained the error message
>  Input Error: There is no script engine for file extension ".VBS".
> Does this mean that in spite of everything which has gone before
> the Windows Scripting Host is not installed on my machine
> or does it mean that it simply does not understand .VBS scripts?

It means that you somehow managed to un-associate the .VBS extension
with Windows Scripting Host, notwithstanding that this association is
created by default when you install your operating system! [expletive deleted]
(Now, granted, you would think -- wouldn't you? -- that if you pass
a filename argument to an interpreter like CSCRIPT, it isn't going
to *care* whether there's an association for .VBS or not. But that's
not the way these half-assed M$ operating systems work. Ridiculous.)

Assuming Windows 2000 or XP (that's what you're using, correct?):
Issue these two separate commands at a DOS prompt (carefully & exactly!):

 assoc .vbs=VBSFile
 ftype VBSFile=%SystemRoot%\System32\WScript.exe "%1" %*

Now go back and perform the two test steps quoted (from my original
message) above. And then, see whether Pasting (to any app, or just
on the DOS command line) yields "This is a test". If so, everything
should be OK henceforth in XyWrite.

Let me know...

Robert Holmgren