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XyWWWeb.U2 version 119 released (18 November 2005)

  Release of XyWWWeb.U2 Version 119 (18 November 2005)
XyWWWeb.U2 v119 is released today. This is primarily a bug
fix package. If you have already installed v118, you can
simply Quit XyWrite, UnZIP XYWEB119.ZIP into a temporary
directory, swap the XYWWWEB.U2 and XYWWWEB.INF files in v119
for those in v118, and restart XyWrite. If you have NOT
installed v118, then please scan README.1ST first -- there
is some important new information.

Download at:

Following are the New and Revised Frames in U2 v119:

Comp -- New (ex-"UNIQOMP"). Display all
 FindDifference/FindMatch Deletions + Additions in a single
Decode, QPd* -- Revised to unpad space characters at the end
 of lines, to regularize lone Ascii-10 and Ascii-13 line
 endings as true DOS 13+10 carriage returns, and to remove
 extraneous *contiguous* carriage returns.
Encode -- Revised to recognize and encode Ascii-10
 characters flawlessly (one-byte Ascii-10 is a very
 difficult character for XyWrite to handle)
Holidays -- Added provision for new Daylight Saving Time rules
 that take effect in 2007
Oed,OedDOS -- Revised. Much faster, and simpler to
 configure. Overcomes focus problems with NBWin. Requires
 *new* (12 Nov 2005) version of OEDXP.EXE
 and KMD.EXE in XyWin|NBWin
Pe[v],Ce[v] -- New. Replacement for native commands PE[V]
 and CE[V] (bug fix for Insert MoDes). Option to simply
 correct Redlining code, without executing PE[V] or CE[V]
QPe* -- Revised
Translate -- New. Convert any old set of strings into a new
 set of strings (e.g. localize hard-coded output from

Carl Distefano
Robert Holmgren

Robert Holmgren