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Re: U2 and Vdos (was . . . .)

And -- bottom line -- is U2 going to be usable under this VdosXy
setup, in the meantime ?

I've said it before and I'll say it again:
U2 works beautifully under vDosXy! <<<
Out of about 1,000 routines in the current version of U2, I could
probably count on the fingers of one hand the ones that don't work as
expected: a couple that interact with the host Windows operating
system (as mediated through vDosXy) and a couple that interact with
vDosXy's flavor of DOS. These problems are solvable, and I'm confident
that they will be solved, in good time. Basically, though, U2
compatibility with vDosXy is a non-issue. Install it, use it, and enjoy!

Carl Distefano