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Re: laptop ideas (kinda long post, sorry)

Mark Garvey wrote:

> If you have any suggestions for getting
> the DOS window to actual "full-screen" mode (beyond
> the "properties" control of the DOS window), let me
> know and I'll give it another try.

There are a lot of suggestions about such things -- including the use
of substitute fonts -- in the archives of this List. Use the XySearch
form, at   http://xywrite.org   with
appropriate keywords, and you should find plenty.

As to dedicated use, no-frills "laptops", I seem to recall a
discussion here about some *very* small and light ones that only ran
some basic programs, but could run for a long time on off-the-shelf
type batteries. (The screens on these must be very small.) Whether
the models being mentioned could run Xy, I don't recall. Again, worth
some keyword searches.