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Re: Nail.exe in Windows -- Virus problem, I think

--- Harry Binswanger  wrote:

> >The hardware firewall I use
> >is quite effective, but I still get all these
> stupid
> >intrusion attempts from the script kiddies
> cluttering
> >up the firewall logs, which need to be purged
> >periodically.
> Does this apply to Win XP with a cable modem through
> a router with a
> firewall? If so, what does purging mean? How do you
> do it? Do I go to
> or what?


The control interface to your firewall box -- or the
firewall portion of your router that has such
functionality built in -- is normally accessed via
your browser. The exact address where this happens
varies somewhat, according to the device, and maybe
other factors. (I think they all seem to begin with
192.168.) Mine has like 4M of memory onboard, but I'm
not sure how much of that is devoted to the Logs. I'd
guess at least 2M of it is. And I was only partially
correct: this device happens to be self-purging. That
is to say, when the Log fills up, it e-mails itslef to
me and then erases itself to free up the space. I can
manually do this any time before it's full, though,
and due to some sluggish performance when it nears
being full, have found this to be desirable.

Your firewall or the ones in many other routers may
all play according to their own particular feature set
and rules, however. The only way to know for sure is
to go into the control interface (there is probably
some Help reference in there) and look around, or look
through the manual for the router, which may be in