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Re: Broken XyWin

Robert, MW (Microsoft Windows) command may be the culprit. I need to discuss
the position of this *maximize* command in the XWSTART file with the person who
writes the installation routine. It may be that issuing the maximize command
while in the midst of the startup routine is stepping on something. In any
event, I'll try to get some further info on any problems which may have been
encountered with this command during the initial QA period.

Concerning the OD setting... You're correct about the documentation... so I
spoke with Development about it (as I had always thought that in graphics mode
it made sense) and was informed that there is a documentation error. It should
(and does) display the offset in graphics mode in XyWrite 4 (4.011 through
4.015N). On a positive note (and called for), the developer I spoke with
informed me that another developer (not in today, but I'll follow up with him)
has made some modifications to the OD setting in the Windows product. He
believes that the OD will be more dynamic, allowing greater control of the
display (or not) while in various modes. As a part of this change, we may also
control the display of non-printable areas (for lasers, etc.) by using
different colors (or shading) for these areas... anyway, I'll get all the
details on Monday (I believe he will be in). This change may be in the current
shipping version 4.11, however I have not received any internal documentation.