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Re: Key repeat--U2 NOT involved.

Hi Harry,

I was not able to reproduce the said problem on two Windows 10 computers, but I WAS able to reproduce it on a Windows XP computer with the 2016 branches of vDosPlus (but not the 2015 branch of vDosPlus). So I fixed it. Please get the latest build (build 2016.11.15). Hope it works for you.


On Tuesday, November 15, 2016 12:08 AM, Harry Binswanger wrote:

Even with a U2 that has only two brief Frames, I get the problem--if I
switch back and forth among screen widths!

My normal SW is 120. If I do:

I get the problem.

It's not the numbers, it's something about switching screen widths (or
about memory). Sometimes I can get out the problem by changing to some
other SW and then changing back to 120.

Changing SL doesn't affect it.

Re-loading XYWWWEB.U2 doesn't affect it. Re-loading SETTINGS.DFL (which has
sw=120 in it) doesn't affect it.

Re-booting doesn't affect it.

'Tis a puzzlement.