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Re: getting past login

XyIII doesn't use BX...Q2. That was introduced in Xy4. For
III, you need the BC . . . XC pair of functions.
Also, XyIII does NOT recognize ;*; or any comment. The only way to put a newline into XPL code in XyIII is to put it inside a label, like this:

And that's not good practice, because labels consume memory, and the longer the more consumed.

These are two excellent reasons, Flash, why you should use Xy4 instead of XyIII, since you intend to program. Xy4 beats XyIII hands down, and there's very little learning curve--they're 95% compatible.

Jordan is right that Startup.Int is 100% an XPL program, and it can be executed at any Command Line:

Xy is case-insensitive, by the way. (Except for when you specify a case in a search or change).


> Jordan,
> and do you login, or is ;*; syntax for 'no login'?

NO user intervention.

I believe that ";*;" is how you Comment Out (in the program code
sense) a Xy-4 command line for a program, and Startup.Int is a
very basic type of Xy program, akin to a batch file in DOS. 
Or, at least, that's what _my_ memory tells me.
If that's right, I don't know if it carries over to Xy-3 or to
the fancier XPL type of programming.


Harry Binswanger