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Re: search subdirectories

Reply to note from Judith Davidsen  Sat, 12
Jan 2002 13:33:15 -0500

> I missed SWEEP completely when I was looking through U2 for
> possible solutions, but now that I'm trying it I'm getting
> different results from yours.


On further testing, I'm getting erratic results myself. I'll refer
this to Robert (SWEEP's author) for debugging. (He is aware of, and
still has on his to-do list, the SEarch bug you identified several
weeks ago.)

My instructions of yesterday were off. A d:\path is inappropriate
because SWEEP is designed to perform the specified operation in a
pre-defined set of directories (current dir and all subdirs). So
you only need a filemask, like this:

SWEEP se *.*"search_term"
SWEEP JM2.se[sv50,*.*"search_term"]Q2

Obviously, use a more specific filemask if you can. For example,
*.txt or blap?.doc. (By "filemask" I mean a spec that includes the
same wildcards used in DIR commands ("*" for any series of
characters, and "?" for any single character, in the filename).

But the erratic behavior I'm seeing suggests that some further
investigation is in order. SWEEP is an important tool, and it
should work perfectly.

Carl Distefano