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Re: How do I get hold of Xywrite?

Gavin Budge wrote:

> I've had a fairly thorough search, and despite the hint someone gave me a
> few days ago that there websites other than the defunct Technology Group
> where one can download the XyWrite program files, I've yet to find
> anything. Any more concrete suggestions? I'm really most interested in
> XyWrite III.

Ver. 3 (which is rather ancient by now) will be harder to find. If that
wasn't a typo, this is really what you wanted, and you had any hope of
snagging the great ver. 3 manual, I'm afraid your only hope may be an outfit
like Recycled Software -- if they are still around. They were located on the
outskirts of Las Vegas, if memory serves, and had a periodically updated 6
page printout of used s/w for sale. I don't recall them having a web
presence, but you could do a search with your favorite meta-engine. (I'm
partial to DOGPILE.) Also try online White Pages lookup, of which there are
several. There was another outfit, from which I purchased a set of MS OFC.
'97 for someone else, a business which -- in part -- did what Recycled S/W
did, and I can look for their contact info.