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laptop ideas (kinda long post, sorry)

New member here, Xywriter since 1988. I'm seeking
ideas for a good cheap laptop for running Xy.
First, just a little background.
I've been an editor since 1988, started on Xy and have
been in Word since, oh, 1996 or so for all of my
professional duties; it's simply the standard for
working with authors, editors, delivery to layout,
etc.--no getting around it.

But I've stuck with Xy all along for my freelance and
"pleasure" writing. I have a couple old PS/2 Model 25
desktops that run Xywrite like a dream. I also have an
old Toshiba T1000 laptop that runs Xy too. Problem is,
I'm pretty darned tired of the Toshiba. No
backlighting, tiny screen, very particular about the
lighting angle, etc. Plus I feel like an antique
myself using the yellowing old thing. I want a new
laptop for running Xywrite.

My work laptop is a Thinkpad T22, which I really like
a lot. I'm looking for a new personal laptop to run
Xy. Something along the lines of a Thinkpad would be
great, but it only really needs to run DOS. I think.
I'm a little ignorant on some hardware issues.

So, my question #1: If I were to get a used Thinkpad,
something like an old Pentium or PII, I could just
wipe out Windows and boot it up as a DOS machine, and
run Xywrite on it, couldn't I? And theoretically such
a machine would have no problem running the print
drivers and floppy drive I'd need, would it?

I went looking for an affordable new laptop, but they
all (Dell, Compaq, etc.) feel so cheap compared to the
IBM and come loaded with such a load of extra junk
software...and all I want to do is write with the
thing--with Xywrite.

One interesting development I've seen lately is some
manufacturers getting back to very simple writing
machines, like the AlphaSmart and the Quickpad. I want
to say DUH, yeah, people (writers especially) are
disgusted with all the crap-laden new machines--they
simply want to write. But those machines use
proprietary word processors that, need I say it?,
aren't Xywrite.

That leads me to question #2: Anyone know of any NEW,
simple laptop-like machines that will run DOS programs
such as Xywrite?

SORRY for over-long post. Any ideas would be greatly

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