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Re: XyWWWeb.U2 version 118 released (6 November 2005)

Very nice feature, Robert! One of the most popular U2 utilities is
CLIP/CLIPW that provides easy communication with the Windows clipboard.
In the past, using CLIP from standard XyWrite, it was necessary to run
the ANSI2XY utility to convert Ansi characters to CP850 (or 437). Now,
CLIP automatically converts ANSI Windows characters to standard XyWrite
characters, unless you have switched the registry entry 1252=N to
1252=Y. I have discovered it by chance, because this registry entry is
new and, suddenly, pieces of text imported from the Windows clipboard
were badly codified in ansified XyWrite (the version I use).
Immediately, this reminded me wise advice included in the header of your
ACNT1252.PRN ("Make sure Registry Variable is set to Y").
Best regards,
Manuel Castelao